Measure anything on your screen with PixMeter

PixMeter is a very simple utility that allows you to display horizontal and vertical markers to help you measure, align and compare elements visible on your screen

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Measure the size of any element visible on your screen. The PixMeter toolbar is easily accessible at the top of the screen to add new markers or to temporarily disable them. You can place any number of vertical and horizontal markers, on any connected screen.


Easily align and compare visible elements. The position of each marker can be displayed as well as the size of the regions delimited by the markers. Keyboard shortcuts are available to easily move individual or groups of markers.



The colors and displayed information are easily customizable. The preference window is accessible from the PixMeter menu bar item.


PixMeter is available for sale on the App Store for $3.99

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Privacy Policy

With PixMeter your data remains entirely private. We do not access, collect, use, or save any of your personal data.

No access to
personal data
No data collection
Runs locally
No network access
Only store application settings

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